Unfortunately, many of us believe that only geniuses can innovate and comprehend the principle of artificial intelligence; however, we are writing this series of articles to provide you with the necessary information to simply learn more about this sector. In reality, AI is critical because it now has power over every part of our lives. So, let’s start by dispelling one of the most popular AI myths, followed by a discussion of the most recent AI developments.

People have a lot of misconception about AI and robots, but the most common one is that they are the same thing. Enable me to correct you and explain why this is a misunderstanding. In the broadest sense, AI refers to the branch of computer science that enables machines to perform tasks that would otherwise require human intelligence. If you read the description again, you’ll notice that  . For more explanation, Calculators are considered a good example for AI  as it can solve some equations that require intelligence and at the same timeit is not considered as a robot.

As we all know, AI has advanced significantly in recent years and has become an important component of a variety of fields, including Computer Vision, Expert Systems, Medical Diagnosis, Stock Trading, Gaming, and others that we will discuss in our chain. Before we wrap up our first article, I’d like to tell you about one of the most recent AI developments that will mark a turning point moment in human history. It is the idea of creating a brain-machine interface that connects humans and computers. Elon Musk has revealed that he is close to announcing this machine, as well as he claims a brain-computer interface is needed to combat artificial intelligence’s existential threat.