Are you an embedded systems enthusiast, interested in self-driving cars and automotive, or interested in working in one of the best multinational companies and leaders in the automotive industry?

In our webinar, we introduce to you the ghostwriters of technology, the company that is needed by most in the automotive field, the leading company in embedded systems and automotive.

Join us as we host you 3 experts from Valeo to talk about some trendy topics in the automotive industry including AI, connected cars, and automotive software, as well as show you the road to take to have a chance to work at Valeo.

  • Dr. Hesham Eraqi, AI Senior Expert, is enlightening us with his session about AI in Automotive.
  • Eng. Bishoy Wasfey's session about the Evolution of Connected Cars.
  • Eng. David Ghaly, Model-Based Design Expert, has enriched us with precious knowledge about Functional Safety in Automotive.
  • We thank Mariam Hossam, our host for the Valeo Roadshow webinar, for her remarkable efforts and professionalism.