“Robotics from Zero to Hero” is coming back in its ULTIMATE edition!

Do you want to build your own robot and compete with it in a competition? IEEE AAST AlexSB’s training program “Robotics: From Zero to Hero: Ultimate Edition” is giving you the chance to do that and more!

Not only will this program help you understand the fundamentals of robotics, but also give you hands-on practice to further advance your knowledge without the need for any prerequisites! You will also get to build and compete with your own robot as we help you step by step.

The program consists of three phases:
Electrical • Programming • Mechanical

Topics to be covered include Arduino, Electronics, Sensors, PCB Design/Fabrication, SolidWorks, and more. Upon completion of the course and competition, you’ll also be granted certificates and rewards!

This is every beginner and robotics lover’s call to a great chance, so don’t hesitate to register.

**We will be precise in ensuring everyone’s safety by providing masks, alcohol, ensuring social distance, and accepting a limited number of attendees.

Week 13:

Wednesday, 5th of Jan

Thursday, 6th of Jan
Week 14:

Saturday, 8th of Jan

Sunday, 9th of Jan

Monday, 10th of Jan

Tuesday, 11th of Jan

Wednesday, 12th of Jan

Thursday, 13th of Jan

4:00 PM – 7:00 PM

-Arab Academy for Science and Technology, Abu Quir Branch

Building G, 4th floor

Required components:
[Just ask for the IEEE Package at Makers Electronics store for a 15% discount]
1 * Arduino Uno + cable
1 * Robot chassis (two-wheel drive)
2 * Yellow DC motors + wheels
1 * Freewheel
1 * H-bridge motor driver (l298)
1 * Ultrasonic sensor
1 * 3-channel IR sensor
3 * 3.7v rechargeable batteries + holder + charger
3 * Rosetta 2 pins
1 * Breadboard
2 * pin headers male bar
2 * pin headers female bar
2 * Regulator 7805
1 * PCB board (10x10cm)
1 * PCB Vero board (10x10cm)
2 * Switch
2 * Potentiometer
15 * Male-Male Jumper
5 * Female-Female Jumper
20 * Male-Female Jumper
1 * LDR Sensor
1 * Small Screwdriver
2 * 9v batteries with a cap (optional)
1 * Toolbox to put all components in (optional)

**You can form a team to buy the components together and work on the same projects

Materials we will provide:

Mini breadboard 170 pin

Resistors 330 and 1k and 10k



Black tape


Soldering Iron (makwa)

Tin roll (asdeer)

Acid for PCB

Acid Containers


**Register here: ieeeaast.org/robotics-ultimate
Fees for the whole program: 60 EGP

To confirm your registration and pay the fee, meet us on-campus at our booth any day in the breaks of Week 11 (Saturday 18th to Thursday 23rd)
10:00 to 10:30 PM
12:00 to 12:30 PM
2:00 to 2:30 PM
Second floor, Building D, Communication and Electronics Department.

**Seats are limited, better hurry up!

For any questions or need of support, don’t hesitate to message us.