Welcome To LYC '17!

It was the 10th edition of “Leading Your Career, Leading Your Society”. The 3-day annual event held at the Arab Academy For Sciences, Technology and Maritime Transport, and organized by IEEE AAST Alex SB. That year IEEE AAST Alex SB was not only celebrating 10 years of LYC but also 15 years of the branch! LYC was honored to have during the past editions many outstanding speakers including: Dr Hossam Saleh, Prof. Hatem Zaghloul, a member of the team that invented the WiFi technology, and YouTuber Ahmed ElGhandour. That year, LYC’17 held the slogan: “Learn.Innovate.Celebrate” as it emphasized on the urgent need of LEARNING and being up to date with the latest technologies; the importance of INNOVATION and adding your own and unique trace, and at the end the CELEBRATION of your achievements! LYC has been changing lives, enhancing the knowledge and skills of a multitude of aspiring undergraduate students and fresh graduates alike, as it focuses on various tracks which help the students, and post graduates to find whatever they are looking for.

Meet Our Incredible Speakers


Mr. Wael Hossam

Wael Hossam has proudly worked over twenty years inside and outside Egypt in a number of local and multinational organizations such as Maridive Group, Solb Misr Group, ANBORG STEEL S.A.E., Bibliotheca Alexandrina and the Egyptian Armed Forces. This rich diversified career has cultivated his extensive professional experience which is sharpened with a Master's Degree of Business Administration (MBA). Through his executive career as well as consultation and corporate training projects with several organizations in different fields and sectors, Wael has humbly delivered substantive results upon investing in the areas of Human Intellectual Capital, Strategic Planning, Operation Management, Planning and Executing HR Strategies, Public Relations and Protocol, Performance Management and others.


Eng.Ashraf Darwish

Ashraf has graduated from Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University, Communications and Electronics Department, Class of 2011. He is an Embedded Systems instructor at IEEE AlexSB (2009-2011). He established a startup that worked in many industrial projects in automation and 10T. Ashraf has worked at General Electric healthcare from 2012 to 2015. He started his new company "Workstation" by the end of 2015 which is concerned in supporting Startups in Alexandria. Ashraf is currently running a business in smart systems and IOT Systems for corporates.


Eng. Ahmad Aly Eldabaa

Ahmad Eldabaa is a Projects Manager for Procter & Gamble Egypt. He is managing different roles beside working as a PM as beign the Cyber Security Leader and PC&IS Leader. Previously he worked as a Manufacturing leader for Dry Laundry Packing lines in P&G. Before that he Co-founded Spa. Egypt Training Agency and was its Marketing director. His Engineering background is that he is aTelecommunications Engi-neer graduated from the Faculty of Engineering. He worked in the field of IBS (In-Building Solutions) as graduation project with Vodafone Egypt. He started his journey from 2008 as he was involved in dozens of voluntary work activities on & off the campus. He Co-Founded Tram Company for T-Shirts designing and printing and became its CEO. He worked as the System Engineer for the Cube Satellite Project in cooperation with NARSS In 2010 he Co-Founded Step-Up youth initiative.


Mr. Belal Abdussalam

He acquired an important belief, through seven years of experience in diverse jobs in different industries. This belief is that anyone can put a dent in the universe, and be unique as long as he is crystallizing his passion and working hard through it. He is an HR Generalist at an innovative company in the software development industry, and he is managing talents and reinforcing their performance through designing effective development plans and engagement activities. He gained an experience through his participation in building the corporate strategy, and through learning the management practices to develop such strategies and implement it. His passion in human development, and in reading self-help books were the main why to find his new startup "Insights Seekers".


Eng. Hisham Hosni

Hisham Hosni holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from Faculty of Engineering-Cairo University-Credit Hours System- Communications and Computer Department. Currently, he is a Co-Founder of LIVIT. He has an extensice experience in Automation Software as he is a Test Engineer at DoubleVee, also he is an internet Assessor at LionBridge. Last but not least, Software Test Engineer at Vodafone VIS " Vodafone International Service"


Eng. Ibrahim Sobh

Ibrahim Sobh is a Research Lead and Solutions Consultant. Currently, Ibrahim is a PhD candidate in the field of Deep Learning, Faculty of Engineering, Computer Department, Cairo University, Egypt. Ibrahim received the B.Sc. and M.S. degrees in Computer Engineering from the Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University, Egypt. His background is in the fields of Machine Learning .d Deep Learning: Natural Language Processing, Speech Processing and-Visual Recognition.


Eng. Samer Desouky

Samer is an Agile Coach, Software Quality & Testing Consultant/Mentor with 15+ years of notable experience in managing development, quality and testing teams. He provides training, consulting, coaching and mentoring services in software development and testing. Samer has 19+ years of experience in the IT industry. As a holder of the ISTQB Certified Tester Certificates (Foundation and Advanced Levels), Samer provides the use of best practices for all software testing practitioners. As a CLSSGB, Samer use DMAIC methodology to improve and im-plement a lean test process models. Samer holds ISTQB Foundation, Agile Test, Test Manage, Test Ana-lyst, Certified Lean Six Sigma-Green Built, and ITIL Foundation certif-icates. Samer is TestPRO Co-Founder/Chief Quality Officer.


Eng. Abduallah Hendy

Bsc in Aeronautical engineering class of 2009. Boeing 737 airplane certified engineer. Arab Tech company founder. Head of drones' R&D at Arab Tech. Drones sessions instructor at Arab Tech, Zewil City, National Telecommunications Institute, AAST Cairo, AAST Aswan.


Ms. Jailan yousri

Media and Marketing consultant, graduated from Faculty of Arts- English Department, I iterature section. Before working in Media and Marketing, I have got my professional masters in Freight Forwarding business and economy, then I shifted my career to advertising. Since 2008, I Volunteered in many NGOS, programs, projects and youth initiatives like (Model of European union 2010, Model Nile basin initiative, Model American Congress, Model United Nations, Bibliotheca Alexandria, U.S. Consulate General Alexandria and others) on different positions (as Head of online marketing, public relations, media and social media adviser) I was working as a Community Manager in RAYA Social Media co. and social media consultant for Global Shapers - Alexandria hub. Now I am the Group Media and Digital marketing Manager for Andalusia Medical Group.


Eng. Hossam Saleh

Hossam Saleh is TMT (Telecom, Media and Technology) Expert Hossam is a leading business executive. He spent more than 27 years in leading positions with reputable organizations. Hossam used to be the Country Senior Office at Alcatel Lucent Egypt a. the Regional Manager at Cisco. Regional Manager at Sandvine & Earlier at AT&T. He was the Strategy & Commercial Director of TE Data. He led the business in several local and multinational organizations. He Carries a B.Sc. in Engineering with major of Data Communication. He had several post-graduate studies in different fields including business process, business execution. Currently he is a Senior Officer at Egyptian Media. Hossam serves as non-executive Vice Chairman of NOOR advanced Technologies. He is the Vice President of Cairo ICT Conference & Exhibition Organizer. Hossam is Board member in Xceed, Presentations Sport, Misr for Cinema and Managing Board Member at ONTV Network. He is a senior accredited International Consultant & certified international facilitator in Business Planning, Execution, Leadership and Business Acumen. He works as Senior Business Facilitator with major training providers and prominent universities.


Dr. Omar El-Shenety

Omar EI-Shenety is the founder of Multiples Group; a Dubai based boutique investment bank with private equity and investment banking. Founder of Quick-Wins Strategic Advisory, a Dubai-based strategy consulting firm offering strategic advisory for and companies across the MENA region. Worked as a consultant at Booz Allen Hamilton and a financial analyst at Henkel. Holds a Bachelor degree in Economics from the American University in Cairo with a minor in Business. Co-founded the House of Wisdom foundation in Egypt, a leading think-tank covering pressing political and economic issues after the revolution, where he served as a board member and head of the economic section in the foundation.


Eng. Mohamed Gouda

Mohammed Gouda is the founder and CEO °lapilli, Inc. company. Mohamed is a serial entrepreneur, his first startup, KASHEFLABs, developed technologies in the field of Robotics that was acknowledged locally and globally by many esteemed organizations such as INTEL, MIT, NVidia and COMESA Innovations Awards Africa 201, Prior to that Mohamed worked for Ericsson Company as a Network Engineer and at Raya corporate as a Cisco Senior System, Engineer. Mohammed is a graduate of Faculty of Electronic Engineering and is currently completing his Master's degree in Management of technology between Nile University and George Washington University. He holds many Cisco certifications in nehvorks field like CCNA SP/CCENT /CCDA /CBVA. Mohamed volunteers to mentor young entrepreneurs and lecturers extensively in many Egyptian universities in trending technology fields.


Ms.Yasmine El Baz

Yasmine El Baz is a Public Speaking coach, Marketing & Soft Skills trainer and a Marketing professional with 7+ years of experience in different industries. In addition various accomplishments in depth studies in Marketing and Psychology. Yasmine is a passionate professional Public Speaker, she is a Co-Founder & Vice President of Education at Cairo Toastmasters Club, a part of Toastmasters International Institution for Public Speaking & Leadership. Her belief in the importance of empowering people to make use of their skills and that everyone should have the ability to speak up their ideas and dreams, is her main driver in becoming a trainer and a coach. She designed training techniques and workshops to unleash these potentials with regards to her training and public speaking experience.


Eng. Ali Wahba

All Wahba is a passionate entrepreneur who has an extensive experience through working in both for profit and non-profit sectors. He graduated from Faculty of Engineering, Communication and Electronics major, Class of 2011. Ali is a Co-Founder and Community Manager at Workstation Co-Working space. Also, he is a Co-Founder and Business Development Manager at "Engineering for Kids" franchise —Alexandria territory. Last but not least, he is a Co-Founder and Marketing Director at Electra Solutions Company.


Eng. Ahmed Moawad

Ahmed is the chief operating officer r of BADR, a software company specialized in big data solutions and social media analytics. He watches over the production line, and worked —first hand— in creating innovative data visualizations. To his core, Ahmed is a software engineer who values simplicity and beauty! Throughout his career, he was fortunate to meet the right people at the right time, friends who guided him into mastering the craft.


Eng. Karim Tawfik

Karim Ahmed Tawfik is access site restoration specialist Engineer Eng. Karim Tawfik has joined Vodafone since June 2008, where he works as a Senior BSS/RAN Engineer. He has an excellent experience in Mobile communication, he attended more than 20 training course in all mobile generations at Ericsson and Huawei. He is CCNA certified also one of Vodafone R and D Team responsible for undergraduate training and graduation projects and he is also member of vodafone in house trainings responsible for enrich and explanning all topics related to mobile generations from 2G to 4G. Throughout his career, he was fortunate to meet the right people at the right time. Friends who guided him.

Event Schedule

1 Registration - 08:45 am Main Hall
2 Opening ceremony - 09:00 am Main Hall
3 Keynote speech Dr.Omar El-Shenety 09:45 am Main Hall
4 A Treasurer in Your Backyard! Eng Ahmed Moawad 10:15 am Main Hall
5 Ma La Yasa' al Morashah gahala Mr.Belal Abdussalam 10:15 am Main Hall
6 Post on Box Eng. Mohamed Gouda 10:15 am Main Hall
7 Dare to Dream Eng. Mai Mahmoud 10:15 am Main Hall
8 Professional Feelings Mr. Wael Hossam 10:15 am Main Hall
9 Drones for Good Eng. Abduallal1Hendy 10:15 am Main Hall
10 New Era of Communication Eng. Karim Tawfik 10:15 am Main Hall
1 Registration - 08:45 am Main Hall
2 Charge Your Life Eng. Hossam Saleh 09:45 am Main Hall
3 How to Get a Job in Software Testing Eng. Samer Desouky 10:15 am Main Hall
4 Prayer Break - 10:15 am Main Hall
5 How public speaking can help you enhance your life and career? Ms.Yasmine El Baz 09:00 am Main Hall
6 Leadership via Critical Thinking Eng. Ahmad Aly Eldabaa 09:00 am Main Hall
7 Introduction to Deep Learning Eng. Ibrahim Sobh 09:00 am Farsi Hall
8 Personal Branding Ms. Jailan Yousri 09:00 am Main Hall
9 Setting the Scene for Future Innovation Eng. Khaled Mokhtar 09:00 am Main Hall
1 Registration - 08:45 am Main Hall
2 How to Read Others through their Body Gestures Eng. Adel Samir 09:00 am Main Hall
3 The Nuts & Bolts of Franchising Eng. Ali Wahba 09:45 am Main Hall
4 IOT Eng.Ashraf Darwish 10:15 am Main Hall
5 3D Printing Between Past & Future Mr. Amr El-Shair 10:15 am Main Hall
5 Introduction to Deep Learning Eng.Ibrahim Sobh 10:15 am Farsi Hall
6 VR and AR in Education Eng. Hisham Hosni 10:15 am Main Hall
7 Sustainability of Volunteering Work Eng. Mohamed Tarek 10:15 am Main Hall
8 Closing Ceremony - 10:15 am Main Hall