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We are recruiting!

IEEE AAST Student Branch is pleased to announce the call for volunteers for the year of 2018-2019!

It is time to take a step forward and leave your footprint in the world around you.

You can join our IEEE AAST Alexandria Student Branch now and become part of a family that aims to help people enhance their technical and soft skills to be unique in their work lives. Being a part of this entity will not only benefit others but also yourself. Meeting new people, taking responsibilities, and developing new skills will definitely be great additions to your personality.

What are you waiting for?! Take a step now!

**Register Through here:

Kindly note that:
1. The recruitment is only targeting the students of AAST, Abo-Qir and Miami campuses.
2. If your application is accepted, we will contact you as soon as possible for a personal interview.

Our branch is divided into several committees. Take a look at the description of each one of them:-

1.Technical Committee
It is responsible for all technical activities of the branch.

•Organize technical sessions, workshops, courses, competitions…etc.
•Create databases for different companies to be used for field trips and training.
•Work on different technical projects and apply for various competitions and awards.
•Keep track of the new scientific topics and top-notch technological trends as well as potential speakers in order to organize up-to-date events.

2.IT Committee
It is responsible for managing the website and mobile app as well as keeping them up-to-date.

•Work on the three aspects of the website: development, design and management.
•Update and renew the website regularly and add new features.
•Keep a copy of the database of attendees to send them invitations, reminders and newsletters.
•Develop and manage the different systems needed for the branch’s activities such as the registration system, Newsletter system…etc.

3.Marketing Committee
It is responsible for setting marketing plans for the branch and the events.

•Develop new and creative marketing ideas.
•Prepare the content for the marketing campaigns.
•Recommend the dates and times of our different campaigns and events.
•Manage the different social media platforms of the branch (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) and keep them in sync with the website.
•Set the social media plan such as the appropriate times of posting and sharing.

4.Media Committee
It is responsible for the different aspects of media for the branch including the graphic design, photography, video editing…etc.
•Design all the media materials (posters, banners…etc.) to market for the events in an appropriate and efficient way to attract the target audience.
•Provide all needed designs for events on social media.
•Photograph all events and edit the pictures.
•Edit all the needed videos for the events.

5.Documentation Committee
It is responsible for reporting all that is happening in the branch and all other committees in correspondence with the Secretary.
•Make a detailed report for all the events.
•Create feedback and survey sheets for the events.
•Supervise all social media posts, description, sent mails, etc. to avoid any mistake.
•Help the Secretary with the awards’ reports.
•Take care of the website’s documentation in correspondence with the IT Committee.
•Create a database for the branch in its earlier years.
•Form a team of editors to come up with IEEE AAST Alex SB’s Magazine and Newsletter.

6.Operation Committee
It is responsible for the management of all operations tasks involving materials for the branch.
•Provide the needed materials for the branch.
•Keep a database of places and contacts of shops with the required materials they provide.

7.Registration Committee
It is responsible for the process of registration at all events.

• Manage online/offline registration and payment.
• Facilitate the process of registration at the events.
• Create the registration forms for the events.

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